Here are the best job platforms where to find your next green job.

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Two months ago, I ended the relationship with the company I was working for. Considering the current Climate Change context and that I was collaborating with a company on a mission to design a healthier and more…

Here is why you should choose Ecosia or OceanHero.

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Oceans and forests are the main contributors of oxygen, crucial to keep any being alive on Earth. Oceans contribute 70% of the global oxygen — produced primarily by the microscopic plant phytoplankton. While the remaining 30% comes from trees and forests. Yes, trees are not the main oxygen contributor.


We replaced more than 10 products in 2020 with this hack.

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For the last 3 years, I’ve been progressing towards a more sustainable life to reduce waste and generate less impact on the environment. …

Circular economy

Even though poo is something you want to get rid of, these companies turn it into eco-friendly, circular, and successful businesses.

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I grew up hearing my grandparents’ stories remembering old times. Times where the waste was composted and used as a soil fertilizer to grow their food, including human poo and animal poo.

So, older people already had the circular economy concept in their lives but without a catchy name.



By embracing the 30 days minimalism game, we selected stuff we don’t need or use to declutter our home.

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After seeing the “Less Is Now” Documentary on the 1st of January, my girlfriend and I embraced the 30 days minimalism game presented at the end of the movie.

As we…

If you want to start something but you’re afraid to get hands-on, this article will help you.

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Since the beginning of 2020, I was feeling the desire to write about my learnings. To trigger me, even I had the support of my boss at the time. …

A glimpse of the conversation between James Clear (Atomic Habits Author) and Matt D’Avella at The Ground Up Show Podcast.

Photo by Ramiro Santiago

Three months ago, I started to listen to podcasts when driving or doing tidy tasks at home — a hack to make the most of my time when doing physical…

A quick guide for life goal setting.

Think about it as a milestone to recalibrate your life.

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As a marketer, you need to analyse the yearly results, evaluate your performance and define the marketing plan to scale your business each year. You define the goals, strategies and actions to implement along the year to achieve maximum results for any brand business.

Two years ago inspired by my…

Find the benefits and steps to tidy up your digital life.

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I always make a retrospective of the year and set my path and goals for the new year. One of the tasks within it is decluttering my digital life. Why?

There was a time that I tended to pile up digital information on my phone to feed my learning needs…

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